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Musings on the worlds of aviation, military and international affairs.


With reviews of books that cover these topics


Articles & Books

QuickLook Books  is a new publisher that has created a range of easy-to-read books that give readers a swift overview of a subject. My QuickLook@Flying was one of the first titles: it appeared as an e-book in 2010, and the whole range has been published in paperback in August 2012.


The flyer - so to speak - for my volume can be accessed by using the link above. The book is aimed at:


* young people comsidering a career in any aspect of aviation (not merely piloting)

* anyone considering learning to fly or about to have a trial flight

* anyone wanting to prepare themselves for a trip in a light aircraft

* airline passengers wanting to understand more about the world in which they find themselves.


It is also available in e-book form -  for which a Kindle would be a good idea -  see below.

The book itself can be purchased from Amazon, and all good bookshops. Further information, including a preview of the book with the first chapter, can be found at:




"A complete novice, or an EASA rulemaker, would be able to grasp the rudiments of the amorphous and complicated aviation business in the time it takes to leaf through these pages...

A worthy effort. The language is simple and  direct, jargon is absent and there are mercifully few acronyms."

General Aviation,  December 2012


"As stated on the cover, enables the reader to 'Know the basics in 90 minutes'... A very useful introduction for any young person considering a career in any aspect of aviation.. easily understood by those readers without specialist knowledge... every school's and university's libraries and careers information rooms should have a copy."

Guild News (GAPAN), December 2012



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