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Musings on the worlds of aviation, military and international affairs.


With reviews of books that cover these topics


The developed world is operating under a delusion when it comes to airports. We view them as exciting transport hubs – wrong! They should really be regarded as regional shopping centres. Albeit unusual ones – where parking is particularly expensive, where you are divested of some of your bags in the expectation that they may well be damaged, or the contents rifled by someone who wants to add to his gadget pile at home. And a shopping centre where half way round your congested perambulation, you will be asked (invariably by someone for whom English is not their mother tongue) to take off half your clothes, risking your trousers falling to your ankles; your shoes removed to reveal that holey sock you meant to replace.   And a shopping centre where the security staff look unusually menacing, and carry not just side arms, but Glocks and other rather poky machine guns. A shopping centre where the necessities of life -  lavatories and seating - are woefully under-provided.


And after you have melted your plastic and are weighed down by carrier bags, no doubt of some supposedly “luxury” brand, (where luxury is defined by the fatness of margin rather than necessarily intrinsic quality), you are herded down a square sectioned aluminium tube, ............................ continued

Airports - a redefinition

Kastrup 2
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