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A Passion for Speed

Foreword by Polly Vacher MBE


It is rare to find anyone who embraces all disciplines of speed let alone a woman! The Hon. Mrs Victor Bruce, who began her addiction to speed before women had the vote in this country, is definitely the exception. This is the story of an incredible woman who lived life on the edge and yet managed to survive into her nineties.


In this biography Paul Smiddy grips one's imagination with its roller coasters of accidents, fights with bureaucracy and  the sheer guts and courage of an Edwardian woman who defied all conventions of her time.


Paul's meticulous research and attention to detail brings alive the spirit of a woman who coped with her car landing in a ditch and catching fire, flying over jungles and becoming engulfed in monsoons and landing in a muddy field and turning upside down.


Follow this intrepid lady as she pushes all boundaries in what was then a 'man's world'. Undeterred by setbacks she ventures into the business world and drives herself at a pace which makes one quite breathless. Her focus, endurance, stamina and confidence is carried by her immense ability to charm her way out of any situation.


This is an incredible read as you journey through the life of a truly indomitable spirit.


Polly learned to fly aged 50, and became the first woman to fly over the Polar regions. She has also circumnavigated the world in a single-engined aircraft.

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